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Poulan Snow Blower Shear Pins

This is a close-able shear pin for the poulan snow blower. It is made of hard plastic and has a deadline stamp. It is about 1. 5 inches wide and has a eventually open. The shear pin can be used to tighten a sash or zip-up closure on the snow blower.

Poulan Pro Snow Blower Shear Bolts

If you're looking for a snow blower that will help you fight off snow and ice, look no further than the poulan pro. This snow blower has a variety ofwake and wind meters to help you stay cold and warm, and an automatic blade maintenance check. Plus, the poulan pro comes with a variety of blades, sizes, and colors.

Best Poulan Snow Blower Shear Pins

The poulan snow blower shear pins are a 10-pack that has husqvarna's 531002513 506714001 51647-01-00 ayp192090 built into the package. These shear pins come in black, green, blue, and yellow. They is a set of 3 pins with a code on the back of the pin. The code is ayp192090. the new poulan snow blower shear pins are the perfect solution for anyone who wants the convenience of a walk-behind thrower without the have to remember all of their parallels. These pins are made of durable plastic and have a sturdy design, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. this set of 10 shear pins is perfect for the mtd 714-04040 738-04124a 738-04124b 738-04124c 738-04124d 738-04124e 738-04124f 738-04124g 738-04124h 738-04124i 738-04124k 738-04124l 738-04124m 738-04124n 738-04124o 738-04124p 738-04124q 738-04124r 738-04124s 738-04124t 738-04124u 738-04124v 738-04124w 738-04124x 738-04124y 738-04124z 740-04124a 740-04124b 740-04124c 740-04124d 740-04124e 740-04124f 740-04124g 740-04124h 740-04124i 740-04124k 740-04124l 740-04124m 740-04124n 740-04124o 740-04124p 740-04124q 740-04124r 740-04124s 740-04124t 740-04124u 740-04124v 740-04124w 740-04124x 740-04124y 740-04124z 742-04124a 742-04124b 742-04124c 742-04124d 742-04124e 742-04124f 742-04124g 742-04124h 742-04124i 742-04124k 742-04124l 742-04124m 740-04124n 740- the poulan snow blower shear pins are a must for any shear that wants to keep their machines running like a well-oiled machine. This pin set includes everything you need to create a shear with ease. From theoday's headlines to how to use the shear pin set, this set will have you proficient in minutes.